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Data Realized technologists offer expert consultative services in many areas. Please browse our case studies and recommendations. You may contact us for a risk-free consultation.

Performance Tuning

Database performance tuning can involve examining query design, database design, CPU, memory and disk. Often, the performance issue can be caused by more than one problem – and, once one issue is resolved another may be exposed.
Case Study: Front Porch

Analysis of Environment

We provide an assessment of your current database systems, overall processes, design, architecture, future needs and the business drivers to provide an analysis of areas where you are doing well and areas where there could be potential risks due to technical considerations, design elements or maintainability.
Case Study: TopSchool
Case Study: Microsoft Technology Center

Database Architecture & Business Intelligence

The proper design and architecture of a database ensures the integrity of the data as well as its availability. Availability can be considered to include scalability, performance and decision-data access models.
Case Study: The Magellan Network
Case Study: Home Buyer's Warranty